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Overall   (3.2)
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- Very Inexpensive - Smooth Zoom Operation - Anodizing and overall build quality is fine for the money
- Narrow Flood - Hollow Pill with Narrow Shelf - Pill only has 1 Notch, so harder to remove - Retaining Ring for Switch has no Holes, so hard to remove/replace - Not a Cree LED, Next-Mode-Memory driver (but this is stated in listing)
I received my light March 2017. From the perspective of a modder this is not a great host. I bought specifically to modify, so I don't mind that it came with a fake Cree LED or the weak and annoying next-mode-memory driver. However the most disappointing thing about this light is the narrow flood. It is narrower than any of the SK98 clones I have and MUCH narrower than my ZeusRay (first version).

From the pictures in the listing and in the reviews here, I was hoping the pill was going to be solid or at least have a wider shelf. But the pill is completely hollow with a really narrow shelf. The retaining ring for the switch in the tailcap had no holes or notches, so I had to drill 2 holes in order to unscrew the retaining ring.

So to sum up, nothing about the light I received makes it stand out as a good host among the thousands of other SK98 clones on the net. However for the money, I'm not going to complain too much. It's still a fair deal. And I also realize that it's a lottery; the version I got will likely be different than what everyone else gets. For the people that are not going to modify the light, if you can live with the next-mode-memory driver, then it will be a fine light.

For the modders curious about what I did to my light, I listed the mods below.
- Cree XPL-Hi 3A on a 20mm DTP Copper Sinkpad
- Nanjg 105D with (14) 7135 chips, with Toykeeper's Biscotti firmware
- Omten switch with Pilotdog's lighted tailcap.

With these mods, it handles the heat fine and it's a pretty nice cheap light...I just wished the flood was wider.

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