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Super bright Very sturdy Focus-able Doesn't mind aging 18650s Can blind you temporarily
Gets a bit hot after a few minutes Modes can be a bit of a pain Lens is easy to scratch Can blind you temporarily
This is the light I wished I had that time I was camping and needed to cross a stream in the middle of the night. It is super bright, has a focus feature and outshines many flashlights I've seen at 10x or more the price. It's quite happy to be powered by my aged but (now) still useful 18650s.

I've found the bit by the light actually gets pretty warm after a few minutes, I'd expect it gets very hot after a while. I've had a few times now where I just wanted it to turn off/on and it's gone into some strobe thing I don't have any real use for, supposedly I can replace the controller with one that can be set up to do just on/off. The lens over the LED is a bit soft, I noticed after cleaning it with a microfiber it had acquired some scratches.

Overall it's tons better than any of the 3xAAA lights I've used, I've never had to smack this one to make the batteries get better contact for instance and it's output is basically night and day when used side by side. Be warned... this thing can blind you in the middle of the day.
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