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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful bad. Wow, this got trashed in minutes. It leaks. Good thing i left it on the counter first before putting it in the fridge. When you fiddle enough with it's crappy o-rings, it kinda stops leaking but then you have to deal with it's ingeniously idiotic work concept. It doesn't let the air in, so that means that it only lets out the liquid that is pushed with excess air. This all means that you need to shake the soda bottle for the damn thing to let any liquid out! And that, by it's definition, makes your drink flat. Or, you can squeeze the bottle with one hand and hold the glass in the other, but than you end up with one squeezed bottle on a stick. Also, did i mention that it leaks? It does. And when it doesn't, it's just crap. I gave it several stars because with less, the review never makes it out of the gates... Buy this for your mother-in-law.
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