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Stainless Steel all the way 2mm thick Poly tank air hole lines up perfect with mesh Very well built easy to adjust center post
Really none.... pyrex would have have added even more value
This Cobra is capable of putting out huge clouds with the right build and juice blend. It is solid built and I have found all the threading to be top notch. The air hole lines up perfectly to the mesh wick. I am running a 1.5Ohm coil at 4.7 volts and blowing Ridiculously huge clouds of vapor.

It is a straight forward standard genesis build. After you rebuild this you will want to test fire with cap off and make sure the coil does not have hot spots (one area glows orange). The coil needs to heat evenly (all glow at the same time). An easy way to accomplish this is don't wrap your wire with the threading as an electrician would. Wrap it backwards. Doing this accomplishes two things

1. Shortens the distance of the wire from the wick to the contact
2. Keeps the the wick from being pulled into the post while tightening the nut.

You will find the Cobra to be much less fussy if you coil in this method (and all genesis). I have been using 32 gauge wire and 400 ss mesh 60vg 40pg resulting in a great experience. I also use a few drops of cinnamon for throat hit and have had no problems with the tank.

Be careful to use a needle that leaves room for air to escape out of the filling hole or remove both screws while filling (if you use a solid wick). Else pressure will push juice out the wick making a mess.

To sum it up this has been some of the best value vape dollars I have spent. Of all the values I have purchased here on FT this and the Vamo are by far the highest quality values so far.

one other note attaching a small magnet to the wrench makes the screws much simple to deal with.
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