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Easy filling with small diameter syringe, too large and expect bypass and a mess. Being able to lock the carto in place with the set screw in the base of the tank. Reasonable tank capacity. Good fit and finish. No leaks so far.
The cartos taste as though they were glued together and when in use they taste as if the glue is burning. Limited drip tip ability being the fill hole screw is in the way of some drip tips with wider bases. No air channels in the base so flush mount mods will cut off air flow. Plastic tank material.
The only reason I would choose this tank over the Artemis is easier filling without removal from the battery/mod. The cartos are absolute junk so just toss it right off the bat the burnt bubber/glue taste isn't worth the juice wasted.
Another fill hole with screw on top would allow for easier filling allowing air to escape as juice took it's place.
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