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Very low price for an XM-L2 flashlight. Nicely machined and assembled. Proper fitting O-rings in all the right places. Nice clean beam from the smooth reflector. Great looking silver-grey anodizing. Knurling is perfect and gives a nice grip. Shipped faster than expected.
Not a forward clicky as listed
The light I received looks exactly like the pictures in the listing. The fit and finish of this flashlight is excellent for such a low price. It's a big jump up in quality compared to most of the cheaply manufactured 501's all over the internet. The quality machining really stands out due to the silver-grey anodized finish. It's actually quite beautiful to look at. I was skeptical but decided to take a chance on this one because it looked different than most of the 501's I've seen. I'm very glad I did. My only complaint is that it's listed as a forward clicky switch which is one of the reasons I ordered it. It's actually a single mode on/off reverse clicky. Even with that glitch the light is such a good value I definitely recommend buying this light if you're looking for a unique, higher quality 501.
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