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-Clean threads -Sharp, well cut knurling -No indication of O-ring biting -No flaws in SMOOTH reflector -Skillful, tidy soldering -XM-L2 emitter with flawless dome, seated in proper centralizer. -Thermal (pliable, white) glue under emitter -Claimed output appears accurate, by comparison to known.
-Single mode -Color is 'cool', estimated 2B by comparison to known. -Drop-in is 1 mm smaller dia. than the head; wrapped with copper tape to enhance heat management. This is a common P60 issue, and not unexpected. Wrapping with aluminum foil works too.
Of a half dozen WF-501Bs in my possession, this is one of the best examples I've come across.

It's good enough to make me wonder if perhaps it's a "real, genuine" Ultrafire (if there is even such a thing!) The drop-in is branded "UltraFire"; the switch cover is thicker than most and the switch feels crisp and firm. Machining and assembly appear superior.

I have a few of the obvious knock off 501s with flat topped knurling, square cut name indentation and thin checkered switch covers - this in NOT one of those. Even the battery tube has been nicely chamfered at the tail end to avoid scraping the battery. Yes, it's still just a humble 501, but I've paid a lot more for a lot worse! I'll be changing the driver, but aside from that I'm quite impressed.
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