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Very compact. Stainless Steel Pretty nice firing button Firing buttons lock has nice threading 510 connection for various atomizers
Positive pin is too deep and is not a real floating type. Tube length could stand to be longer for more battery options like longer protected batteries and maybe even 14650s. Male threads on body section are cut too deeply and almost allow the threads to strip and would if tightened enough.
It took a little while after this showed up to be pleased with it. First the section with the male threads on the body seemed as though it was stripping and it was if tightened enough.

I set it on a lathe dead center and hit the other end (510 end) with a dead blow hammer expanding the cylinders diameter a little at a time checking frequently and continued just enough to tighten up the male threads to the female threads.

Next I pulled a positive pin from a cartomizer, the type with a taller profile at the 510 side and cut the other end to the right length to just clear the insulator inside. The original is two a part and screws together/apart, it's just too tall on the battery cylinder side and too short on the 510 side causing the threads to seem too short on the telescoping area.

All's well now.
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