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Price... Air Flow control is perfect...
This thing rocks! Worth every penny. Sharp looking unit for less expensive materials. Lightening fast shipping. Good job FastTech!

It came with a non resistance + resistance wire 1.8ohm (very lose wrapped coil) with a 3mm silica wick (figure 8). After cleaning it out and burning it all off I filled it up and it quickly flooded (the original wick packed in higher than the air inlet). I cut half the wick off each side of the 8 and tucked it back down and that solved the flood. The wick is now below the air inlet opening.
I played with the air flow control and am impressed. You can go from no air to removing the adjustment screw for a wide open air intake from both holes which should work wonderful for sub ohm builds.
I have noticed that when it sets unused for a while it will gurgle on the first vape. That first vape clears that gurgle and it is good to go. (I always lay my pv on it's side to prevent knock overs.
It produces great vape just as it came (cleaned). I'm sure it can do much better with a well wrapped coil. This has by far the best flavor of all my attys. Better than Boges cartos, ProTanks, Cobras, AGAs,Ce's, Vivis, ect... beats everything I have ever used hands down. It's even as good or even better than my drippers. My guess is the flavor concentrates in the coil chamber so when you draw you get a huge burst.
So is this a good buy? For me it is I am going to buy another right now. I can't say enough for the flavor of this atomizer. outstanding.

PS it does not need to have non resistance wire... In fact the spare wire in the kit is typical kanthal wire.
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