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Vape! Throat Hit like no other atty! Flavor passthrough is outstanding PRICE Spare parts and tools included
You won't find a better atty for the price and performance. After a bit of use and getting the hang of filling these you will find they work flawless. Look up the PDF instructions on the Kayfun and follow them. I have a bunch of much more expensive attys that are collecting dust now unused.

The really great thing about this design is the only thing you will need is wire and cotton balls. No need to buy heads or mess with resistance non resistance wire. Very low cost to purchase and use. Well the really great thing about this is the vape! The flavor and hit are the best of any device I have used to date.

The plastic tank is the weak link in this design, all versions use plastic and the original also comes with plastic and a metal option. It is a thick tank and mine has performed well even with known tank crackers. That said it would be nice if FT would carry an o-ring/tank replacement kit. If they don;t at this price I will just buy more complete tanks.
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