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Stainless and Glass Dual wick ability Wick hole size Decent capacity Positive pin insulator of harder than usual material, big plus! Decent sized fasteners more applicable to ribbon and twisted coil wires.
No well in build area to retain over filling or bed silica for dripping or wicking of excess liquid. Cap could be tighter Lack of a drip tip.
One out of the five I have ordered showed up missing the upper tank o-ring and had slightly chipped glass. Although not straight across from each other dual wick with vent hole is possible by removing the raised negative connection which I have never used anyway. The cap is slightly loose, not terrible but looser than I would like, simple o-ring swap, no big deal. I have opened up the air inlet in the cap although I don't know what size it is, I use pointed diamond coated dremel tools for this and open the holes a little than test, open the hole a little than test...
I like the positive pin insulator and wish more products would change to this type, have been seeing more lately which is good!
I'm a genny fan and these are reasonably priced decent gennies.
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