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Stainless steel Glass Dual wick capability Reduced chamber Hole for drip tip is the right size! Many drip tips fit very well, better than most at least. Solid construction. Wick hole size. Less need for lower ohms builds with reduced chamber. 22mm diameter matches many devices. Wide open build area with pos post removed. Good surface area contact with supplied screws, works well with ribbon type coil wires.
Single wick builds need the extra hole in cap plugged or it weeps liquid. Tanks glass can slide on the o-rings if you're not careful, not as bad with the cap on though. Would prefer a larger tank, 4+ ml, just a personal preference. Drip tip is a bit short for me and brings your lips to the heated cap, personal preference again. No screws for dual wick builds!
So far these are likely the best genesis style atomizers I have. I haven't built any in dual wick mode yet as I have dedicated dual wick genesis tanks and they go through a lot of e-liquid, besides the fact this didn't come with the screws needed for a dual wick build!
Flavor in the reduced chamber is better than without a reduced chamber although with the reduced chamber it is easier to build wick and coils get flooded.
These do need a bit more attention in screwing off and onto devices being the glass tank section will turn easily while not turning the 510. Once the cap is removed be careful with this glass section as it can be pulled off easily resulting in an e-liquid spill.
I have one mounted on a K103 and it looks almost hybrid, too bad 18350s don't last any longer than they do!

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