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Fits like a glove. Keeps the PS VITA 2000 in place. Good Grip. Good build quality over all. Price point is great. Allows for charging while in use.
There is a small plastic panel on the "stand" that can pop off. Would recommend gluing it down. Would be improved with a rubberized surface on the grips and a tighter fastener, but not a deal breaker...just a preference.
There was a small panel on the flip out stand that will pop off if you fiddle with it too much. It's not really a big deal. I would recommend gluing it down. Wouldn't hurt it if it did fall off.
Not good as a means of protection, but it wasn't designed for that. The fastening point slides up and down and may become loose over time if forced, but it is sufficient to hold the Vita in place. Like anything else it will likely work for a long time if used carefully. It is a great item to have if you are using your Vita as a controller on your consoles. It makes a huge difference in game play . Very comfortable.
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