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Bright Well built Well balanced beam Long runtime with two 26650 Flexible - one or two 18650/26650 Straight, efficient, no nonsense design Hidden strobe and SOS modes
Rather big and heavy in full 26650 setup No side switch
This is not a pocket light, although without the extension tube it is not so big. With two cells it reminds me of old school multiple D cells Maglites.

That said, it is a very bright - for a single XML2 emitter, well driven light. It does throw quite far but with a well balanced beam that still lets you see your surroundings. No noticeable PWM in mid or low mod.

I took a quick measure of the tail cap current on hight with two 26650... 2A. I also checked the overall voltage with the two cells in serie: 7.7V... That's more then 15W! A single XML2 is supposed to work at 10W max... No wonder it is so bright and far reaching. The smooth and deep reflector does certainly help.

I read an in depth review that measured almost three hours of runtime on high with two 26650 (french):

That same review says it weighs close to half a kilogram with two 26650 - i haven't weighed it myself, but it is a serious piece of hardware you have in hand.

Overall, a very decent build "hand" flashlight with a well driven XML2, a comfortable reflector and power source. For the price this is a very good value light that i recommend to anyone that wants a good big light handy in the house or the car.

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