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This is a great looking Nemmy clone, and I adore copper. It has a super conductivity of both current...and heat.
That's the only problem with this mod, it conducts the heat and after chain vaping, you have to stop, as it's too hot to touch.
It gets a great patine on the copper after a bit of use, really beautiful, and all the pins are easy to adjust.
It's a perfect fit for a Kick, and includes an extra section for one, so you can use a 18650 battery in it with your kick, non-protected of course.
I'm very tempted to try the SS and Brass version, to see if it heats up less. I don't find that my SS mods heat up as much.
But all in all, with the divers battery sizes, it is a great mod. Very small and easy to hold driving with a 18350 and a small top piece for your juice, for an example. Or perfect for any tank atty with kick and 18650, when you're home.
It's the most versatile Mechanical mod I have, and very attractive.
You can also do a little work and have a magnetic switch, with the magnets from FT, for next to nothing, and it is very easy to do.
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