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-Great threads -ZERO issues with the locking ring -Never misfires -Buttery smooth switch with the magnets installed -Patinas nicely -Best bang-for-your-buck copper Nemesis -NO issues with misfires OR the negative pin unscrewing itself -Solid battery venting
-Threads can be a little "sticky" (hard to get my top cap off, but I don't need to very often, so not a big problem) -Engravings fade quite a bit after normal use -Somewhat crunchy spring, but an EASY fix with the magnets
This is my go-to mod, over the Black Copper Stingray, Panzer, DNA30, etc. My friend has the EHPro version from the US and honestly this version is nicer in almost every way. I got mine in July, and have been using it daily with a copper Tobh SKU: 1756801 since, with ZERO noteworthy issues. The contact pins on mine aren't silver colored like the pictures (mine are copper or plated brass) but this may have been updated since I bought mine. The threads in 18650 mode are near-impossible to see (unless you're really looking for it) which makes it look very aesthetically pleasing. No clear coat and started to patina by the time I had it set up with an atty/battery (which I personally like). The switch was a tiny bit crunchy, but useable, although I did upgrade to using 2 magnets: SKU: 1558901. If you are on the fence about getting this, don't be, just buy it. It really is a fantastic mod; I work at a vape shop around authentic gear all day long and this still kicks the ass of most of the authentic copper mods, to my pleasant surprise.
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