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Looks beautiful Hits hard It's a Nemesis...
Crunchy threads
The finish is stunning. I don't a single shade of difference in the color of the tubes in any lighting. It does appear to be 100% copper aside from the delrin insulators of course. The threading is, out of the package anyway, other than the locking ring, is aweful. The tubes and caps seperated fine, but screwing them bqck together was...frightening to say the least. It fealt like I was cross threading it and I had to take a deep breath and really crank down on it to get it to screw back together. And that was with every single threaded joint, even the 510 connection when attaching a Kayfun Lite. But like I said, the locking ring was spared somehow and those threads work like butter. But, after some cleaning and a little bit of back and forth twisting, the threads already feel a lot better, and I'm sure they will be as smooth as my mixed Nemi from here in no time (hopefully lol). Anyway the threads are my only gripe with it as of now. Yes the angel of death logo isn't vary dark, and seems to be tilted to the left ever so slightly, and the vent hole doesn't line up with her feet, and there were some vary minor scratches/scuffs here and there. But thats all expected with a chinese clone and it's barely noticable. In the end, if you want a Nemesis made entirely from copper, and don't mind a slightly more involved break in period for the threads, this one fits the bill and works great and looks SICK AS TITSSSSAHH!
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