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Completely copper! Should house about any length 18650 on the market, can't speak for diameter though as I don't know. Coated copper to retain the bright finish, see cons! Air control operates well and holes are aligned fairly well. My kick fits well but I never use them and being copper I don't imagine many intend to use a kick but I count it as a plus for those whom may use them. Clean looking engraving although pretty shallow. Nice 510 threading that has fit some attys that wont fit in other devices 510.
This same coating on the copper to retain the finish was applied to the threads so it increases the voltage drop. The inner spring that retain the pins integrity through adjustment of the switches throw had to be replaced as it would let the pin fall out. .2 voltage drop on receipt in a completely copper mech mod, not so good when I can home build a mod from a water pipe with mostly brass parts and it's voltage drop is only .12! Lack of matching copper atomizers on the market. Switch lock sticks in unlocked position. Threading on the switches threads could use a lot of improvement. The threading on the battery cylinder between the main tube and the 650 tube are extremely tight, this can be taken as a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. Original springs allowed the weight of a Kayfun to cause the device to fire when stood upright on the switch.
Other than the quirks I have mentioned I'm very pleased with this product and for the amount paid verses similar options I personally think this is about the best bang for the buck in a mechanical device with potential for very low voltage drop.
Keep in mind this is only my second day with this product and only about a days total use so far.

Yes at this point I would suggest this device to a friend.
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