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Very small, good build quality, O-ring on tailcap and lens which is glass. Finish is nicely done, and even. No blemishes or scratches. Square cut threads were clean and feel smooth. Pocket clip is sturdy but removable/reversible. Will tailstand nicely.
Haven't found any cons after almost a week of using it.
With a freshly charged 14500 battery, it puts out roughly 300 lm. on high, judging by a lot of my other lights. (I have no way to measure it exactly)It's a decent "thrower" and has a reasonable amount of "spill" light for a small reflector. For a AA alkaline or ni-mh cell, the lm. output is roughly 1/3 of the figures mentioned above.

When the light is off, click and hold for about i second and it gives an extra low mode of about 7~8 ln. Click and release quickly and it's in regular low mode which starts around 25 lm. or so. Click and hold in low mode and it will ramp up to "max low" and then blinks twice to let you know it's at max low. It also will remember whatever brightness level you choose in low mode. When in regular low mode, another click gives high mode.

In ultra low mode, click again and it goes off. In regular low mode, click again for high, and once more for off. Two quick clicks in regular or high mode gives strobe.

It probably sounds more complicated than it actually is, but after a few minutes it almost comes naturally, and it should have a wide enough range of brightness modes to cover almost any situation that most people will ever need. At least for something this small.

IMO, I think it's a very good light for the money. Add in the fact that it also uses AA batteries, just makes it even better. I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a small light with these features. Glad I bought it. :)
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