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Very bright Well built Compact Hidden strobe (long press) Side switch Any number of batteries from 1 to 4
Only two modes Low mode rather high - does not make much difference.
If you've never had a multiple high output LED flashlight before, this one will very certainly surprise you.

Be careful when you turn it on as it is blindingly bright. Indoor and tail standing it will light up a decent room as if the lights where on. Outdoor it will literally 'split the night' - it is quite something!

It has a rather floody beam that will nonetheless throw some good distance by shear power. Tint is rather cold.

The light is rather well built. Compact and heavy design. About the size of a can of soda and about the same weight it seems.

A bit of warning: It can involves four 18650 cells in parallel and for any such multiple cells assembly one should be careful to always use a coherent set of same brand and quality cells at the same state of charge. Just inserting a cell the wrong way could create a disaster with unprotected batteries.

A nice feature of this parallel batteries design is it will keep working with any number of cells, even just one out of four.

One disappointment is the rather useless second mode which is still very bright, even for a mid mode. With so much power it would have been very convenient to have at least three levels of output or even better, a dimmer.

The strobe mode is hidden - keep the button pressed a few seconds in any mode, so that you do not run into it unless you need it.

The light does become hot rather quickly on high.

The side switch is a nice feature. It is very sensitive and easy to use. However this may be an issue when carrying it.

For those who already own the FandyFire UV-S5 SKU1057203, this one is a bit brighter to the benefit of a wider and denser flood, but it won't blow you away again like the first time. Still very impressive for sure. The tint is a bit colder. I'm not sure about the glass lens, and it does not come in a nice box. The bottom can be unscrewed... and the pill looks like it could be unscrewed too - i haven't got into disassembling it.

One strange thing about the light i received is it uses Cree XMLs and not XML2s as expected...

Overall, this is a very impressive and powerful light for the price. It will amaze you and anyone around. A very affordable choice for a compact multiple emitters light.
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