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Good quality. No blemishes. Glass lens. O-rings on the lens and tailcap. Threads and O-ring on the tailcap are lubricated. Threads are square cut and feel very smooth when tightening/loosening the tailcap. Feels very solid and is comfortable in the hand. The switches are placed perfectly under the thumb. Uses AA batteries which are almost everywhere. Comes with a nice pouch/holster, spare O-ring, and lanyard.
Switches could protrude a little more to make it easier to find them in the dark. They could also be a little bigger, and a little firmer with a more pronounced click. Not a big deal though.
Its a little brighter than any of my single LED XM-L T6 lights. It also "throws" better than any of them, except a TrustFire 168A. (sku1059704) They're about equal, but the EA41 has a brighter, wider "spill" area. Both are excellent "throwers". The spill light is nice and even with no ringiness at all.

The lower switch, (closer to the tailcap)turns it on/off, and also gives instant access to "candle/firefly" mode, and can be used to activate the switch light to help find the light in the dark, by pressing and holding in any mode but off. The lower switch will turn the light off from any mode.

The upper switch controls the brightness and blinking modes, and also gives instant access to turbo mode by pressing and holding.
From off, press and hold the lower switch for about a second, and it will be in candle mode. Press and release the upper switch to change modes. From any mode (except off)press and hold the upper switch for strobe, press and hold again for beacon mode, (a quick flash about every 1 1/2 seconds)and again for SOS.

The battery indicator is activated by pressing/releasing the upper switch. It probably sounds complicated, but it only takes a few minutes to get used to it. The manual is only in Chinese which is one reason I'm reviewing it here.

A few thoughts. It will fit in a normal pocket, but its too big and heavy for every day carry. It tailstands nicely. The tailcap has 2 protruding pins inside that fit in corresponding holes in the body/batt tube so the batteries are always aligned properly, because the springs and contacts in the tailcap must stay aligned while its being in stalled/removed. Almost forgot that both switches can be pressed simultaneously and held for a second or so (from any mode but off) to lock it off. It blinks once when its locked out. Press and hold both again to unlock it.

I have a discussion thread about it if you have any questions that I might not have answered here.
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