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While it is an aluminum clone, it is built very well. Another of my favorites
Not really a con but the button is a bit crunchy and stiff.
This for what it is is an outstanding clone made of aluminum. Only issue I've really had was how stiff the fire button can be. Yes since this one doesn't come with other positive pin inserts like other do, it will cause most addy (RBA/RDAs etc). to not sit flush. But that's not really an issue, as it does help cool sub ohm builds and not heat up the mech in the process. But if it is an issue to someone, it's a simple matter to remedy. Just sand down the pin! The mod works well and as intended. It is built well with smooth threads. VOLT drop! Volt drop is and always will depend on the particular build that is put on it. But the mod I received and topped with a zenith v2 and .3 ohm dual coil setup is a cloud monster. Simply put! For the money saved buying even this aluminum clone is and was money well spent. It's a vaping device designed to heat up juice and the coil that does it. It works.
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