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The black box 1:1 clones are all amazing IMO. This comes with a nicely machined Sat22 clone along with a bag of supplies and two extra tank sections. The tank sections are clear and frosted plastic, as well as stainless steel for tank cracking liquids. Unfortunately, there is no glass section as claimed in the item description, but that's not a big deal for me.

I am not a genesis expert but managed to pull off a build that works decently. Used 400 mesh and a 5/6 wrap of 28 gauge wire. I won't comment much else on the taste since I'm a novice at genesis builds. I will note, however, that the draw is very tight -- close to how I remember cigarettes. The Sat22 is for mouth-to-lung inhalers, not lung hitters.

The Sat22 is kind of a pain to fill and requires a needle nose bottle or syringe. Once filled it is quite good at keeping in liquid and does not leak easily. I think this is due to the step-like design which means you should be able to tilt or even lay the atomizer on its side without leaking through the air holes.

One thing to note is to be careful when disassembling the atomizer for cleaning. I broke a tiny o-ring on the 510 pin (or perhaps it was broken upon arrival), and another o-ring in the center shaft popped out and I was unable to figure out how to get it back in. The atomizer seemingly works fine without these two o-rings, so not sure what the deal is.
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