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Using 18650 cells is a big plus. Non protected button tops or flattop cells fit fine. Pretty small (about 11cm dia.) and not heavy.
Longer protected cells like Panasonic 3400mAh cells won't fit. Getting shorter protected cells (like TrustFire "True 2400s") in is a little tricky. You have to put the neg. end in first, but don't push it all the way down or the pos. end won't go all the way in. If the pos. end isn't all the way down, it will have intermittent contact.
The quality is decent for the price. Actual output on high is probably about 100~120 lm. Maybe a little more.
It's definitely bright enough for a tent or medium sized room. The modes are pretty well spaced. The light is very even and wide.
It starts on low mode, then mid, then high. You have to click through all the modes to turn it off.
The wire hanger can be removed easily. The diffuser (lens) can also be removed by twisting it counter (anti) clockwise a little bit till the tabs line up with the notches in the bezel, but it's not much brighter, plus it also holds the LED assembly in. Probably not a good idea to remove it.
There's a charging port on the back, and the rubber plug keeps the light from sliding too easily on a smooth surface.
I'd buy another one, or recommend it to a friend who needs a light like this.
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