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Nice, very nice quality made. Threads are great. 3 pin design on bottom cap. Hits hard without blinking an eye.
It is really an honor to own such a mod. The engraving is great. My number if unique which I hope it is, 0889. Now I know why 8 got so hungry and 8 9.

Very good threads. No issues with making adjustments. Battery fits very well. Having the two extra guide pins for the bottom cap does make a difference. I own a 18650 Nemesis and I am a spring user no magnets. Very solid in the hands. Will pick up hand prints but can be easily wiped off. Hand prints don't bother me I use it for it being practical not because I am in a beauty mod contest.

I can finally get good real sub ohm builds to work efficiently. Now I can really use the power of the atomizers. Still always use safety when having such power. If the mod gets hot back off the sub-ohm wrap a little.

You didn't buy it to be stupid but because it can give you a better experience. This mod is the one. If you don't like the prints on it, choose another 26650 that is not polished. V2 Styled is where it is at.
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