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Beautiful looking. Great feel, smooth and comfortable. light weight. Push button has acceptable spring tension. running .4 ohm dual coil RDA and button doesn't heat up, lots of clouds :). Surprised to find springs and contacts to all be copper.
When i opened the parcel, the nice gift box that the unit came in had been crushed to my dismay. If the pouch wasn't on the unit there would be more damage. There was no sign of damage to the parcel it came in. I also found a blemish on back battery cover of the unit. Looked as if someone had left tool marks in the wood after coating was dried and then made a poor attempt to cover it up. The other problem was the connector at the top. I tried to screw in 3 RDAs but they would not screw in. I found that machining of slots at top has damaged first thread. Had to file metal to correct. now ok.
Overall a good product just wish Quality Control Department would pick up on the defects mentioned in the cons. And Fasttech may want to speak with their delivery people.
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