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- GENUINE! scratchy proof of purchase confirms FT's reputation of reseller of authentic Nicecore products - ACCURATELY charges 18650 batteries independently regardless of current charge - does not over charge 18650 - able to charge two 18650 as well as usb through charging of another device eg phone, tablet, powerbank
nothing negative, my only regret was ordering one unit when i should have bought two or even three :)
i've used crappy 18650 chargers that have definitely damaged the 18650s used on them

my only other option before buying this, was chargine via the USB through feature on my cloupor mini (yes i know some have had mixed results & mostly negative comments regarding this)

when this arrived i noticed batteries charged with this retained charge longer!

i also noticed when "fully" charged 18650 batteries charged by my cloupor, other crappy charger or 18650 powerbank were inserted into UM20 they were never truly fully charged?!

not mentioning which ones but some fully charged batteries consistently showed up on the UM20 as 91%-93% and while the worse offending ones charged up to only low 80%

the UM20 is not a rapid charger but its not the slowest 18650 i own either
best build quality with well thought out design will delight whenever used

can charge two 18650s regardless of current charge while allowing usb charge through of another device eg smart phone, tablet, powerbank

you can also specify which has priority of charging the batteries or the usb device

the usb charge through socket also doubles up as usb cable lock that allows cable management, usb cable can wound up neatly for OCD users and ensures cable always there & wont be forgotten by user

on a side note, the UM20 works better when used with "Fast Charge Micro-USB High Speed Charging Cable" SKU1355900 than with nitecore cable

my only regret after using this for a fortnight is the fact i only ordered one when i should have bought two or three! buy this & never charge 18650s on anything else!!!
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