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Nice anodizing Very good contacts in the battery holder Just a shade less width than the Chana I have Button response Adequate build space Electrical compartment cover is cut to size well. Battery holder fits snug into the enclosure. Spring loaded 510 connector although it is chromed brass it does have a copper center pin, the press fit may pose a challenge for some. 18 gauge wire supplied for battery connections. Cover fits reasonably well.
Button extends into electronics chamber a bit further than I would prefer. Ring terminal for grounding either needs more recess or a thinner ring. Screw for ring terminal is a counter sinking type screw with a flat base on its head. 510 connector has to be press fit, likely a challenge for non-experienced. The body of the 510 connector is chromed brass. Depth of the drip well does not match the height of a FDVs 510 which protrudes or the Varitube style connector which is slightly recessed. Clear plastic for the display window is scratched. Supplied small gauge wires could be utilized incorrectly by the non-experienced.
Although I don't intend on using the supplied 510 connector it is spring loaded and easy to work with, its only fault I have found is that it is chromed brass which means less conductivity because of the chrome and may be prone to thread striping because of the brass being a soft metal.
I also purchased the Varitube style 510 connector which I feel fits better than a FDVs 510 although it will end up being slightly recessed. The hole for the 510 connector will have to be drilled and tapped for a FDVs or Varitube style connector. Looks like I'm going to have to buy a tap for the Varitube 510 as I like its slightly recessed look compared to the FDVs protruding slightly above the top of the enclosure.
The enclosure is very nice with good anodizing and decently threaded fit for the button. I'll be recessing magnets in the cover and enclosure as I am opposed to carrying tools with me for battery changes. 1/8" diameter by 1/16" thick magnets look to be reasonably suitable for this purpose and my epoxy is already curing in the cover.
The ringed terminal for grounding doesn't exactly center over the supplied threaded hole in the enclosure. The supplied counter sinking screw wouldn't exactly be my choice as it likely creates less surface area contact than a flat surface under the head of a screw would. Being this is silver anodized it makes it hard to tell if anodizing was removed from the grounding terminals contact point but it will be if it is there.
Summing this enclosure and parts, it's a good deal especially if you look at milling the metal yourself and anodizing.
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