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VERSATILITY Great Price/Value Good Machining Quality Everything Looks Nice Even Packaging Clean Straight Out of Box Good Airflow AND Great Flavor Access to Deck with Juice in Tank (any RTA without this feature is primitive IMO)
Experience Minor Leakage (Could be Wicking Problem or Easy Fix with O-Ring Replacement) Tank Capacity
What can I say that others haven't? For the price I'd say it's definitely worth to add to your collection if you haven't already. Great machining -- Threads smooth, decent posts, looks awesome. Mine came nice and clean and free of debris or any machine oil, I gave it nothing more than a quick rinse in cold water and the very first tank tasted superb.

Awesome versatility. Whether you're looking for a quality dripper, a tank that can take a beating while still perform, or a nice all day vape this may just be what you're looking for.

I've used it more in dripper mode so far but I did experience just a bit of leaking in tank mode from the airflow hole, but it may have been the way that I had it wicked.

This thing has surprisingly good airflow in RTA mode (better than KF4 or anything similar) and some of the best flavor in any tank/dripper I've owned. The airflow in dripper mode at max flow is crazy.

I don't know exactly what the tank's capacity is but it's not a whole lot (could be a plus depending on perspective as it's not as big as a lot of tanks are), but filling isn't too hard as long as you have a needle tip bottle (and it doesn't have to be a special gauge or material here which is nice). It does drink juice a bit too so if you're all-daying with this plan to fill it a few times through the day.

Solid and durable performer.
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