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Overall   (5.0)
› Quality
› Value
Metal Form Factor Price
Limited Adjustment Can't see which coil you have in a tank Limited Battery Life
Taste not the same as dual batt mods (early days so might change)
Needs a 20A Battery, well actually it doesn't if you're not using 30w+ and 0.1ohm coils but that's another thread and Kanger have to cover themselves so be safe and get some 25r Samsungs if you don't have any of a VTC4/5 LG HE2/4's Efest purples already,

So not really a lot you can say about it, it's authentic, it's built well, I wouldn't say it's the most comfy mod for large hands like my spades but for what translates to £19 delivered I can't moan about it at all, it would go nice with a nice 25mm stubby form factor dripper that matches the finish (I guess the best right now is when the black ones become available and stick a black Mutation V4 on it)

I think you'll need to take a spare battery with you to get a full days vaping if you use it at 20w, 8w users with 1.0ohm+ coils might get a full day out of one battery,

Orchids you will have to keep an eye on leakage, Aerotanks work well on it but with a 1.9ohm coil in (homebrew) @13w there isn't a lot of vapour coming out, 20w fixes that but how long before the coil pops I don't know, I was going to flog my Aerotanks but now maybe not as they take away a lot of the weight of the combo, ideal for pub use, I've tried out a 0.8 sub coil in the Aerotank now which is working nicely @25w,

This could be the very excuse for some new 25mm form tanks to be launched for other than the already with us Subtank itself, I don't currently have one as I don't think they are value for money right now, come the day they are £15 I could be tempted but there's a lot of £6 - £10 each tanks out there that are as good as our £30 a pop Kanger tanks,

Overall a good purchase for pocket money, I'll update as use of it tunes my perception better.
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