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Looks like no other tank. Very large (7ml) capacity. Lots of space on the build deck for big coils. Glass is well protected.
Took me three goes to wick it just right, but maybe I'm not too great at wicking. Almost certainly will need the air hole drilling out.
Nice tank. I like it so much that I'm going to borrow my friend's drill in the next few days, and drill out the air holes, as has another reviewer.

...You might think this means it's not a good tank, but look it another way: If it was a bad tank, nobody would bother going to such lengths to fix/improve it. I'm really looking forwards to having this as my daily carry tank atomiser, because it holds so much juice, and it looks awesome (I think).

It has this sort of Gothic/ecclesiastical feel to it. Put it on a fancy cylindrical mod of some sort, and you will feel like the pope when you pick it up. :)

At first I used a fairly small coil, but after two failed attempts to wick it right, I used the clapton wire which came with my Smok TFV4 mini, and made a wide 0.9 ohm coil with five loops, leaving enough space for a thick wick inside, ensuring it could hold plenty of juice and avoid dry-hitting. This now works well up to about 30W, but I know that the terrible airflow is preventing this tank from really performing as well is it could.

Anticipating a great experience after drilling. Would recommend.
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