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Temp control works superbly build quality is excellent battery life is good a lot of user control classy looking device
initially 510 pin was hard to get loose to adjust user manual not the greatest
I recommend this device. The manual is not the greatest; however, there is a lot of information available on youtube and in various ecig forums where you can learn how to use this device. It is not difficult to learn to use. I believe this is the GEECO Zero as it seems to function exactly as the GEECO version does.

When I received my Zero mod, I was surprised by how much smaller it was than I expected as well as how solid and how heavy the device was. This certainly feels like a very well built, high quality device. The device is beautiful and works flawlessly. I made the mistake of not calibrating the device and atomizer correctly when I first tried using it and also did not have a solid enough connection between my atty and device. This resulted in inaccurate temp control and my atty was pushed harder than it should have been resulting in an unpleasant taste. Once I calibrated my atty / mod properly and raised the 510 pin up a few turns to get a solid connection temp control worked flawlessly and the flavor and vapor production were better than I expected. Note - my Zero read my atomizer resistance correctly and fired no problem even when the connection between the 510 and atomizer was not very solid. If I would not have read in some forums that you have to make sure that you have a great connection for temp control to work accurately, I never would have tried adjusting the 510 pin up a bit to make a better connection with my atty and would still be struggling to figure out why temp control wasn't working properly. Once I raised the 510 pin the connection was much more solid - the atty still sit flush with the device and temp control worked flawlessly - No more overheating my coil or temp protection stalling the vape experience.

This Zero also functions very very well in wattage mod with Kanthal builds up to 60 watts. Very very nice vape.

Wow - I love how this device works. My only other temperature control device is the istick 40 watt and this zero mod works much much better. I get a much better vape and have been using it every day.
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