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I am not going to comment if it hits like a truck, or how great the flavor is because it has a great dependency on how you coil and wick your tank.

Overall the build quality is good and the threading is smooth. It feels like a solid piece of work. It comes nice and clean, and with one hot bath and it's ready to gone vaping. I like its 5ml juice capacity but even refill is simple and easy due to dual holes on the top: one for filling and the other one for pressure to escape, and it has a little plastic piece to cover both holes. I have been using it a few days now and there's no leaking ... may be some condensation at the bottom.

I like the heat sink for the drip tip so it doesn't feel hot even I am vaping at 35w with 0.3 ohm build.

The flavor delivery is good because of the wide chimney which isn't too long for the vapor to travel. The RBA deck is easy to work on. Oh I also like it comes with 3 colors of O-rings so at least one of them should fit your need. I use the blue o rings to go with my blue Smowell DPV-50 (which is fantastic so far). AFC is great so you can have a lot of control on how much cloudz to show off to the people who don't give a shit about it. :)

Cons? Well it gets hot even at 35w but this is common for low subohm tanks so it really isn't a con. It does have spitback every now and then. Oh, since the RBA deck has 4 air holes, there isn't much room for you to drill the juice holes bigger.

Someone in the forum mentioned it has the possibility of shorting: tl;dr; it doesn't happen to me so don't care. :)
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