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-Aluminum -Black
-Poor engraving -Picture different from item received -"Fuck all cloners" engraved on the front (see picture) -Fussy switch -Easy to short, no surprise there!
I really wanted this one and I was really excited to get it, after impatiently waiting for it to arrive, my excitement turned to disgust when I was greeted with a nice engraving on the front "Fuck all cloners". As much as I'd like to fuck myself, being a clone user, this really bummed me out as I was not expecting that engraving on the front, it's not in the pictures. See the photo of the one I received.

As for the engraving itself, the front is pretty rubbish, no doubt that it's because the logo has been scaled down, the side engraving is great though.... Yay....

The switch is pretty fussy about working, more or less a combination of where the switch is supposed to make contact with the negative terminal and the fact that turning the switch slightly to the right locks the switch.

Not recommended.
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