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This little mod is beyond my expectation due to Cloupoop's past reputation. :) It's one of the smallest dual 18650 box mods, if not the smallest, that I own. It's so small and light-weighted that I don't feel like holding a brick. The enclosure looks nice and clean and well constructed.

The battery draw is even on both left and right slots because I tested both batteries at different times and they both read 3.99, 3.71, and 3.55. If there's any difference, it's only 0.01 difference. Battery life is good too because it lasts two days per charge

Even though there's no venting holes, the mod doesn't get too hot under my abusive testing, so far I don't see any smoke coming out yet but I have my fire extinguisher standing by, lol.

One of the testing I have done was pressing the fire button for 15 secs and it cut off. Another testing I have done was of course the dry cotton test and it passed.

Temperature Control performs flawlessly. Unlike some other cheap TC mods, it won't hit your set temperature immediately then drop the power output output to 1 to 5 watts so you got nothing to vape but thin air. I own IPV4 and in my own opinion it just performs as good as the Yihi chip does. The auto joule functionality is a plus.

What else? The buttons are nice and clicky. The screen display is bright and clear. The wattage mode works well too.

1. It doesn't have venting holes.
2. No titanium option but since I don't have nickel allergy so don't care.
3. No firm upgrade capability.
4. No ribbon in the mod to pull the batteries out but the batteries can be pulled out easily any way.

Will I order another one if I lose it? I already ordered another one without losing it. :)

p.s., if it sets my house on fire and I am still alive, I will sure update my review and post pics.

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