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It is easier to fill the tank. If you fully remove the top cap you can fill it with a typical glass dropper. It increases the amount of E-liquid the tank holds compared to the authentic kangertec subtank mini !00% compatible with authentic kangertec subtank mini bases and RBAs. Threads are well made.
You will need a needle tip dropper top to fill the tank without fulling removing the cap. The cap is very thin. The cap almost didn't close fully past the secondary holes in the tank.
First off I measured the tank post that enters the RBA, which was 5.83 mm. The original kangertec subtank mini measured 5.82 mm, which is an extremely close in tolerance insuring proper function. Next I completely disassembled it. I cleaned it with alcohol and distilled water, to remove any oil. I didn't find any loose chips from the machining, and the threads were clean. The machining is well done.

I next, I reassembled it with authentic black Kangertec O-rings, which worked as well as the ones that came with it. I realized that the top cap holes almost didn't clear the bottom fill holes when fully closed. I worked it down as far as it would go. I blew on the bottom of the tank while plugging the drip tip to make sure a seal was made on the fill hole, without detecting any problems. ( THE CAP WAS VERY CLOSE TO NOT CLOSING FULLY )

I assembled it with my authentic kangertec subtank mini base, and authentic subtank mini RBA+ coil head. I have not detected any leaks or issues yet, and with all of the measurements I made, I do not expect any to occur. The tank has never leaked at all in the past.

The fill holes in the top cap measures 2.09mm in diameter which is to small to fill with anything except a needle point dropper. With the top cap removed, a glass dropper does seal on the small O-rings for easy filling. My needle tip droppers have not arrived yet.

It looks very nice. It does increase the volume of E-liquid it can hold. The knurling on the top cap matches the knurling on the base. The top caps stainless steel is a bit thin, but I do not regret purchasing this replacement tank at all. It would be nice if the fill hole was a bit larger.
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