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AFC drip tip Only holds just over 4ml.
Slight overhang on all my mods. Came squeaky clean and even though I still gave it an hour ultrasonic bath. Comes with everything shown. Coils take a good bit of juice to presoak and RBA deck pretty easy to build on ( single ) Only takes a hair over 4ml of juice, not 5ml as advertised. My afc drip tip open acts like a soft whistle so I keep it closed off. Fully opened at base and with drip tip open easily the airiest atty on the planet.
If you don't make your own juice this will take you to the poor house. It's a hog. Unlike anything else I own. The triple coil is the thirstiest and of the triple or quad my favorite. The fill lid is mandatory with this because you will be filling it...a lot! Be careful with the soft foam disk in the top. If you jam a juice bottle tip down into it it will rip. Coils take a few tanks to beak in. Flavor improves with each fill. Likes the watts too. 75 is my sweet spot. If you were planning on running this at 20-30 watts forget it. Unless you ONLY use the rba deck.
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