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Still good (See my other review
510 center pin is loose and wobbles included NI200 coils may have had crappy insulators
I still stand by my initial review; however, I feel I must add this update. I have figured out after burning the insulators on two coils that the 510 center pin on my device is loose and can wobble and become crooked. I burned the insulators on two of my coils (I think) because of this since if the 510 pin is not making a great connection with the mod, the temperature control efficiency seems to be off (I have read that for temperature control to work best, a solid connection is needed) - I have run this on both the istick 40 watt (Purchased elswhere) and the 60 watt zero clone (from here). I have found with both devices that when the 510 pin was crooked, this tank and coils got hotter than it should and got hotter than the insulators on the coils could handle. Since I have noticed this, I have been checking and adjusting the 510 pin (BY tapping it straight) and have not burned an insulator since. I have four coils left and will report accordingly as to how these do and may also update my review on the coils accordingly. Note - The two coils whose insulators burned were the ones that came with the tank. the one that seems to be working better now ( also since I have been ensuring the 510 pin is straight) came from a separate 5 pack of NI200 coils that I purchased.

I realize that this may actually be an issue with the insulators not being up to the job so take this as a warning about maybe these having poor insulators. These coils and this tank do get hot, and I prefer a warm vape. I don't crank the temp above 400 yet was still burning insulators. Again, I think that it was because of the crooked 510 center pin on the tank but it could be that these actually do have crappy insulators.
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