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Lightweight locking oHm temp options (ni200, Ti) Batteries seem to last forever in this box
needs 100j upgrade for Ni200
I love this box it's my go to box just about everyday. I run mostly Ti in it since I can go higher than Ni200. This is my 2nd box as I just sold mine at the local vape shop for 100.oo, 60 seconds later I had ordered one for 65.oo off my phone and it's on it's way.

I would like to see the oHm's handle a lower load like my HoHm Wrecker (0.05 dual Ni200 Clapton coils in a Plume veil RDA) but the Velocity RDA in Ti is pretty sweet no matter the oHm load and chucks the smoke.

You can get some great battery life from this box, I can get 2-3 days using a tank in Ni200. Playboy tank running Ni200 at .14 oHm on 50j @ 450

If you only plan to have one box, this one would be my suggestion.
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