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Build construction is better than I expected Authentic DNA 200 Bright clear display All functions are working Plenty of depth on the 510 connector Gold plated 510 center pin Gold plated power contacts Two means of charging 510 pin sits high enough for larger atomizers Rubberized exterior coating is nice I can replace the Lipo eventually
Somewhat subjective but the battery life is what I expected. It isn't going to last me a full day even at 30 watt output on a .04 ohm coil.
I'm pleasantly surprised with the build quality as I don't have to do any of what I thought I might with this device. I'm can be a very picky person so consider this very high praise. I had been questioning the potential battery life and it's about what I expected but I have been running a very low ohms resistance coil too. It should have reasonable battery life running a .1 ohm coil or higher, at least a full day I'd guess above .1.
The rubberized exterior was a nice surprise, real comfortable in the hand and buttons are easily accessed.
The Lipo charger I'm not sure about, it has the Lipo charging on it now and it isn't getting warm. I'll hook it up to Escribe once charged and see what it has to say. Speaking of Escribe I'd make that the first step if you purchase this device, my software was outdated.
Like I said I'm picky and I like this device, I will like it more when the other battery options show up!
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