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Intense flavour quick ramp up low wattage needed = better battery life huge vapour production Good welds
springy some in the pack were longer than others (Ohms read slightly different
Not having built with Stainless Steel before, I struggled a little with my first couple of builds. This wire is much more springy than Kanghal and I had a hard time getting my coils to look nice and straight on my atomizers. I was also hoping that there would be more wire to build larger coils with more wraps but I guess I would need to find a different gauge wire for that as this is quite thin wire. This isn't a con but I thought I should mention it as I wasn't expecting it and others reading this may not know what to expect as well.

I have built two RTA's and two RDA's with these wires so far and I have to say that I was completely blown away by the intensity of the flavour and vapour. It was again, very unexpected. For example - I used the 1 ohm wires to put a dual coil build into my Belus RTA which ended up ohming out at 0.47 ohms. These ended up being spaced coils as I could not (yet) make a tight micro coil). I had to take it off of my mech and and put it on a regulated mod to turn down the wattage to 22 watts / 3.21 volts as the vape was way too intense for me on my mech with a fully charged battery at 4.2 volts. Lower wattage will result in better battery life so this is a plus. I aslo installed a 0.8 ohm coil on my Subtank mini and I installed a single coil 0.8 ohm coil and a single coil 0.5 ohm into a couple of my derringers and these turned out to be amazing on my mechs; however, the 0.5 ohm derringer is extremely rowdy.

I am amazed with how different Stainless Steel wire is compared to Kanthal. Much better flavour, quicker ramp up than Kanthal, more vapour than Kanthal and all with less power being needed. I have to say that using these wires in RTA's will definately improve the performance with both flavour and vapour production.

Before my coils were installed, they seemed weak and were springy which is why I had a little bit of difficulty building and installing them (I am use to using lower gauge kanthal mostly); however, after you use them / they heat up, it seems that they stiffen / harden right up. Although I say that I had a little bit of difficulty building and installing these, it is important to note that it really wasn't that difficult with these wires. i didn't have any hot spots or anything and the coils did heat up evenly right away - it is just that I found these wires to require different handling, building, installing than what I am use to with Kanthal, but learning to use these wires is definitely worth it considering all of the pro's I've mentioned. I am also feeling that I may need to lower my nic levels using these wires because the improved vape quality is that much more intense than Kanthal.
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