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Top fill is nice! Top filling gives it a 3.5 ml E-juice capacity Compact size compared to any other top fill tank
You need a needle tip bottle or blunt tip syringe to use the top fill feature. I still like the other top fill version better, where you only need to twist the top cap a fraction of a turn to fill. It needs to be filled quickly and quickly sealed using the top fill feature to prevent flooding.
So far, I love this tank. I received two tanks so far. They hold 3.5 ml of E-liquid. They work perfectly with authentic Kangertech O-rings, adjustable air flow bases, RBAs, and factory made coils. The O-rings for the top fill are NOT recessed, making them function properly. They do not leak in any way! When I measured everything, they were perfect when compared to my authentic Kangertech subtank mini for proper function. Please note: I am only using AUTHENTIC KANGERTECH O-rings, Adjustable air flow bases, and RBA+s with this tank. I truly love the size and function of this tank! Ohhh! The two I received were not soaked in cutting oil this time, but I washed them anyways!

I will eventually drill the top caps to match the function of my other top fill subtank minis, with the twist to fill feature.

Keep a vacuum in the tank to prevent leaking out of the coil.
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