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Easy top fill Holds 3.5 Ml on the first fill Doesn't leak if you understand what you are doing. Perfect Size!
You need a needle tip bottle or a blunt tip syringe to use the top fill feature. I like the twist to fill version of top fill that this site provides better.
I received the 2 tanks I ordered a week ago. They worked flawlessly so far! I assembled them with all Kangertech authentic parts. The O-rings in the top fill cap are NOT recessed as in previous models. The finish seems very durable.

They have not leaked at all! You just need to fill them quickly, and you can't leave the top fill open too long, because it needs a vacuum to prevent leaking through the coils. Its always nice to be able to crack open the top of the tank if your wick is too tight preventing proper wicking.

I just drilled out the top caps of the tanks I received after a week of use, so that I can use the twist to fill method of other subtank minis on this site, which I much prefer. A 2 mm drill bit and a chamfer bit to debur it was all that was needed. I just taped the cap in the position I wanted, and drilled the top cap through the tank section.

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