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easy filling real good flavor no need to dump liquid to adjust coils or build new coils Dual and single coil build decks included
Doesn't wick really well with Juice flow control installed using high VG liquids Machining is decent but lacks slightly, threading isn't 100% tight tolerance. One of my grub screws wants to strip the allen wrench recess Slight gap between the tanks glass and stainless could gather dust and look bad quickly. AFC is pretty loose. Post holes for coil wires are just a little high. Filling cap could use something for manual grasping but works decent if not tightened too tightly.
My first build I rushed with a couple contact coils leaving the AFC in place and no wick holding ring, this wasn't stellar even with 50/50 liquid.

My second dual coil build, 26 gauge 316 SS, 8 spaced wraps on a 2.5mm mandrel ohms tested at 2.8 ohms is pretty damn awesome! I removed the AFC and left the wick holding ring in place and went fairly light on the Cellucotton wicking material. I'm running 90% VG and the wicking is keeping up very well.

Overall a great atomizer with very minor flaws.
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