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Like my Kronos from another maker Good build quality, finish Big Build Deck Small learning curve Easy to wick and fill Great Vape!
I also have SKU 3795900 (silver) from another manufacturer (Shenray?) and this seems identical but in black. Build quality is very good. I really like the way Kronos works, like Flash e-Vape. Big build deck for single coil and a great big wick with feeder tubes from the tank to that wick. Provides a rich, consistent vape. Clouds and flavor.

To make feeder tubes, roll a 1cm x 2.5cm piece of SS mesh (included) into a 1cm long tube and insert into the holes at bottom of tank. Build coil and wrap excess cotton wick around into a wad on the deck. Assemble and tap the tubes down so they touch the cotton below. Close AFC before filling tank from top. If deck ever floods/gurgles, flip over, cover afc with tissue and blow out the excess fluid then flip upright again. Easy stuff. Enjoy!

Tip: when cleaning/assembling parts, always lubricate all o-rings with ejuice, especially under AFC ring. I use unflavored pure VG for this.
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