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Build quality and Design flawless No leaks under any conditions
-clapton 1,5 ohm and SS 1.0 Ohm are useless with this airflow. -very hefty spitback
so here it is, the fantastic Cubis.

First of all. The design and the Build quality are very nice. In the package 3 coils and one spare glas drip tip. Nice package.
For coils you get
1x clapton 1,5
1 x 1 Ohm (think its kanthal)
1 x 0,5 Ohm SS

Sadly they dont print the type of coil on the little blister, so you have to open all to try it out.

I started with the 1,5 Ohm Klapton. Drop Juice in it before installing. Then give 5 draws with close afc.
Must say that i mostly use direct hit. I'am not a MTL guy.

What to say. The airflow with this coils is bad. Think about kayfun divided with 2. This is useless. Imho even for MTL vapers. Also they is no reward in flavor for this. Taste Dull.

Next the 1,0 Ohm coil. Same procedure. Airflow is now at kayfun level. But the spitback is so bad that i could not use the original drip tip and switched to an antispittback drip tip. Flavor and clouds could be described as poor.

So far so bad. let't try the 0.5 Ohm SS

Now, that's what i talking about willis. Airflow is nice. Pump it up to 30W. Cloud production is Okay. Flavor hmm.. nothing special. But maybe it takes time to come up. Used the Aromamizer as EDC and that's of course a big step back with the cubis.

So this is it.Another Pro. Filling is really easy. And did i say it looks good ?


If you want MTL with good Flavor. This is not the best solution. Only the 0.5 Coils allow some serious vaping. With the clapton coil i doubt that someone could be happy with this because the flavor is muted.

for carrying around and easy filling this is a nice solution. Maybe with TC this Clearo works better. Don't know yet because they is no TI/NI200 coils available now and SS is not supported yet by my device.

Anyways. For the price a good buy. But i doubt that i would get another one.

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