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Good flavor Easy to work with Heat resistant (more than most of the cheap organic cotton)
It's very strange because I've vaped on Cotton Bacon V2 one year ago and I really was bothered by the cotton taste when you first wick it.

I came back after the cotton bacon prime was released and I think it works better than it used to.

I don't know if Wick 'N' Vape did any improvements on the Cotton bacon V2 or if I had purchased a bad batch BUT it came back to one of my favorite cotton.

It's Clean, no taste, no smell and with excellent absorption, if you don't use juices with a lot of sweetners I know that I end up cleaning my coil before I need to change my cotton and I chain vape a lot, which means this is very very great quality.

I'll buy more for sure, at the fasttech price of course because if I had to buy it in France I would go back to japanese organic cotton like the Muji, because it's twice this price in France.

Thank you Fasttech, as always amazing prices for amazing products
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