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It's as good as my Authentic's (x2)
O ring missing from top cap
Exeptional for the price, Three coils, SS 0.50/0.25 and Ni 0.15, set of spare O rings and a tank for under a tenner,(A pack x5 coils for it in UK costs more),The washed out copper colour (Rose Gold) looks great and makes it stand out from the rest,I have an SS and a Black authentic versions (each four times the price of this) which I love and use more than my TFV4/Clieto etc,so I thought I would give this one a go to complete the set just to see what you get for under ten quid, this is the cheapest tank I have bought so far and it's outstanding Quality and value furthermore it's absoloutely indistinguishable in looks and the way it vapes, both taste and vapour production, the coils look authentic? (Uwell logo's on them, no logo's on the tank) the finish on the tank is exellent, well engineered, no rough threads or edges all nice and smooth and well put together, mine was missing the O ring that seals the chimney in the top cap but there was a spare in the pack so no big deal IMO. Buy it for what it is, a cheap tank with three Temp control Coils and a bag of spare seals, not an authentic but just as good, an outstanding tank IMO that looks and performs like the original for a fraction of the price,I'm very pleased with my purchase I would Strongly Recommend buying one .
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