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Fantastic Flavor Easy to rewick Comes with 2nd Coil
Leaks after filling
Easy to fill, It WILL leak after filling. Every time for me now. Changed the o-rings and it made zero difference. ONLY leaks just after filling so carry a paper towel or rag. Fill it with AFT closed and then turn it on its side and open AFC with a paper towel against one air slot. Will leak 4-5 drops then stop and not leak another drop until refilled. leaking not a deal breaker for me because I expect it and the good outweighs the small leaking at refill. Does not leak after re-wicking ( for me ) because the cotton soaks up what putting the top cap on pushes into the coil. Once the cotton is saturated the juice only has one place to go...into the coil, into the base, and out. I have never had mine leak more that 4-5 drops. It has never flooded out. Goes thru juice fairly fast but the flavor you get off it is why. Clean taste. I ONLY use mine in TC with TCR set to 450 and temp at 420. Watts at 60-65. Higher watts and you will toast your cotton sooner.
I bought 2. I can deal with the leaking. The good outweighs the bad.
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