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Super easy build postless deck. Impressive flavour/vapour production.
None if you are visually impaired Break the glass, game over
Loads of great reviews on the Tube when sold at 29$,great reviews here on FT at a lesser price so why not? Being an authentic comes nicely packaged, spares including a allen key for the deck screws, a pair of "competition wires" and a small pack of cotton.
Included coils are 5 wrap twisted@ .2 ohms. Lower than I vape but banged them in anyway, had to try.Awesome. The vape is A1,the juice control ring is at the top,so easy to adjust. This device is bulletproof,easy to wick,bone dry @ first attempt.
Construction wise is different to most atties, the tank section including the chimney is one piece, break the glass and game over. My solution to that is pop a few more in the cart.

The cheapest and best rebuildable I have ever bought, and is an authentic Wotofo.

Actually, disregard the above. It's a rubbish atty. FT probably only have a few left now, no one wants 4ml tanks anymore. I will take one for the team and buy FT's remaining stock.

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